Steve's Plating Corporation

Chrome Plating

With a tank capacity of 32 wide x 57 deep x 144 long, Steve's Plating features one of the largest automated chrome plating lines in southern California. We use trivalent decorative chrome, which is not only environmentally friendly as opposed to hexavalent chrome, but produces superior results as well. Our lead times in the plating department are generally 2-3 days and local pick-up and delivery can be arranged. We have the ability to quickly add a third shift to accommodate any substantial volume or time-sensitive orders, as well.

Decorative chrome plating is often referred to as nickel-chrome plating because a base coat of nickel is always plated prior to chrome.

When you look at a decorative chrome plated surface, most of what you are seeing is actually the nickel. The top layer of chrome seals the nickel to protect against tarnishing while filtering the yellowish tint of the nickel to provide a reflective, durable surface.







At SPC, we offer two types of nickel chrome plating: bright and satin. Bright plating is generally performed on pre-polished materials and the result is a brilliant mirror-like finish, similar to that of a chromed truck bumper. Conversely, satin plating is most always used on pre-brushed or grained materials to give a less reflective dull finish that resembles the look of brushed stainless steel.

Please refer to the polishing section of the website for more information regarding polished and brushed plated finishes.